Having Plant Growth Woes That Are Spoiling Your Landscaping Results? Add Oakland Black Dirt


Add black dirt to your garden soil and watch your plants grow greener and healthier. Really a term for compost that forms an essential component of any soil mix whether you want to grow vegetables or ornamental plants, black dirt should be added regularly to top soil to maintain its fertility level. Where do you get Oakland black dirt? You can have it ordered from a bulk soil supplier in your area. Many landscape companies who cater to tools, stones and other garden elements for landscaping also keep it for landscape projects.


Watch Soil Productivity Improve


There are many different soil components added on to a turf that’s prepared for layout of a lawn or the other parts of a landscape but black dirt plays the specific role of improving nutrient level and so plant productivity. It also improves the water absorption capacity of the soil. Be careful not to layer black dirt separately but to mix it well with the soil. Will you have to prepare existing soil before adding on black dirt? Of course.


When to Add Black Dirt?


The common way of adding it to your lawn soil is to first till the top soil to loosen it. You can check the level of compaction by digging small holes and checking the soil texture. Is the soil now ready to be layered with Oakland black dirt? Not yet. If the soil has been compacted for long you may have to call a soil tilling expert to have slicing performed. Black dirt can be dropped using the wheelbarrow and spread with a rake. A correctly graded yard is slightly sloped but you can smooth the surface before sowing.


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